5 most affordable places to study abroad


Even if you don’t believe it, you can study abroad on a budget! Some of the best places to study abroad are ones that have low or even no school fees. Read on to learn more about 5 of the cheapest places to study abroad, which are not listed in any particular order…

1. Taiwan

Taiwan is another one of the cheapest places to study abroad in Asia. For example, at National Taiwan University, which is ranked 72nd in the QS World University Rankings® 2019 and is the best university in the country, student tuition fees for liberal arts programmes start at TW$100,920 (US$3,300) per year and go up to TW$124,200 (US$4,050) per year. Taiwan has more than 120 courses offered in English at its more than 40 universities. It is also a popular place to learn Mandarin. Taiwan also has a good quality of life and low living costs. A year’s rent for a one-bedroom flat costs as little as TW$88,000 (about US$2,900).


Germany, known as “the land of ideas,” attracts international students with its top colleges, affordable costs, and good quality of life. All public universities, excluding Baden-Württemberg, charge no undergraduate or PhD tuition. Master’s students who didn’t study in Germany pay €20,000 (~US$23,450) per year, but scholarships may be available. Living costs are at least €10,200 (~US$11,950) per year, depending on lifestyle, region, and spending patterns. English-taught graduate courses are available.


Even though all of the Nordic countries are pretty cheap places to study, we chose Norway because, with the exception of a few specialised programmes, public university education is still free for everyone, both inside and outside the EU. Norway is one of Europe’s Nordic countries, which are known for their high quality of life and beautiful natural scenery. Another reason to study in Norway is that there are English-taught programmes for all levels of study and a lot of people who speak English well. But living costs in Norway are high, like in the other Nordic countries. You’ll need about NOK 139,680 (about US$17,200) per year.


France’s tuition costs are the same for both French and foreign students. For 2019/2020, bachelor’s (licence) programmes will cost €170 (about US$200) per year, most master’s programmes will cost €243 (about US$285) per year, and doctoral programmes will cost €380 (about US$445) per year. The fees at the highly chosen grandes écoles and grands établissements, which set their own fees, are much higher than at other schools. The most expensive place to live will be in the capital, Paris, but you might think it’s worth it. After all, Paris has been named the best college city in the world four times in a row, and it’s currently in fifth place. If you don’t know French well yet, you can study in France in English. Most programmes taught in English are at the postgraduate level.


Argentina, the second-largest country in South America, is a fantastic destination for students interested in outdoor adventure and discovery due to its magnificent natural beauty and diverse geology. Argentina has a reputation for having a vibrant culture and a strong sense of national identity, and is also widely regarded as one of the region’s safest countries. Public universities normally do not charge students anything to attend, but private universities might cost as much as US$5,100 per academic year. Rent can be as little as US$350 per month, but you’ll need roughly US$5,000 for living expenses.


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