Don’t let anyone miss this 7-year-old boy who lives by hard work.

Poverty impacts millions, especially children, worldwide. To support their families, youngsters must often forsake their schooling and childhood. A impoverished boy selling street food illustrates this.

The child was selling food on a busy downtown street. He was preparing and serving with a smile in a small makeshift stall. Despite the long hours and hard effort, the child seemed happy and determined to make a life.

People who saw the video or pictures of the boy have shown their sympathy and support. Despite his everyday struggles, the kid has been commended for his resilience and determination. They also want to feed or donate to the boy.

The incident highlights the difficulties of millions of youngsters who labour to support their families owing to poverty and lack of chances. The UN estimates that 152 million youngsters work in hazardous situations and are denied basic rights.

Poverty reduction, education, and labour law enforcement are needed to handle the complicated issue of child labour. Individuals and organisations may also help youngsters like this guy break the cycle of poverty by providing them with education, training, and resources.

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