Easy way to make Vegetable Oil

Easy way to make Vegetable Oil :- Oils you make at home are fresher and have more flavour than oils you buy at the store. They are also better for your health and the environment than many commercial oils, which are often extracted with dangerous chemicals.With a home oil press, you can turn many nuts and seeds into your own veggie oils. You can also use regular kitchen tools to make small amounts of avocado or coconut oil.

Making seed and nut oils with an oil press

1. Buy a hand oil press if you want to make small amounts. A hand oil press or oil expeller is a good choice if you only want to make small amounts of oil every now and then, like about 2 cups (0.47 L) or less. Most of the time, you have to turn these presses by hand and heat them with a small gas or alcohol lamp. Most of the time, they come with a clamp that can be connected to a table or counter.[2]
You can buy oil presses online or at many places that sell items for the home or kitchen.

Oil presses that are done by hand usually cost between $75 and $130 USD.
For catching the oil, you will need a different container, like a small glass jar.
Even though these machines are often called “cold presses,” almost all nuts and seeds need to be heated to less than 120 °F (49 °C) for their oils to come out.

2.If you want to make a lot of oil, you should buy an automatic oil press. An electric oil press is the best choice if you need to make a lot of oil or want something easier and more efficient than a hand-cranked press. Look online for “electric oil press” or “automatic oil press.”
Electric oil presses for home use can be bought from a lot of online stores and places that sell kitchen appliances in person.
These presses are more expensive than manual presses of the past and normally cost between $200 and $500 USD.

3. Choose nuts or seeds that have a lot of oil. Check the instructions for your oil press to find out how much oil you need to make oil with it. Most presses can get oil out of nuts or seeds that have at least 25% oil in them.[3] Some nuts and seeds that can be used to make oil are [4] sunflower seeds (make sure to get the oilseed kind).
Again, choose oil-seed pumpkins, which have seeds without a shell.
Sesame seeds.
Safflower seeds.

4. If you need to, clean and shell your nuts or seeds. Rinse your seeds in water, making sure to get rid of any small stones, twigs, or dirt that has dried on it. These kinds of pollutants can get into the oil and even hurt the press.[5] Nuts and seeds with hard shells, like walnuts and hazelnuts, may need to have their shells removed before they can be pressed.[6]
Check your oil press’s directions to see if nuts or seeds need to be shelled before pressing. For some presses, you may also have to cut bigger nuts into smaller pieces before pressing them.

5.After you clean your nuts or seeds, let them dry in the sun for 24 hours. Once your nuts and seeds are clean, put them on a cookie sheet and put it in the sun for a full day to dry.[7] If the seeds have too much water, the oil won’t come out right when they are pressed.[8]
If you turn or stir your nuts or seeds every once in a while as they dry, it may help them dry faster.
The nuts or seeds could also be dried on a screen that is propped up on supports (like building blocks). This will let air flow under and over the seeds as they dry.
If you can’t dry your seeds in the sun, try putting them in a food dryer.[9] To dry out nuts and seeds, follow the steps on your dehydrator.

6.Get your oil press hot. Follow the directions for how to warm up your electric press before using it. Some presses may have different sets for warm pressing and cold pressing. If you are using a hand-cranked press, you will need to turn on the heating lamp and let the press warm up for about 10 minutes before using it.[10]
Most of the time, kerosene or alcohol are used as fuel in manual press heating lights. You will need a match or lighter to light the wick.

7.Follow the steps to put your nuts or seeds in the press. After you’ve heated up your press, put your nuts or seeds in the hopper or tube at the top. Make sure to read the instructions to find out how many seeds or nuts your press can handle at once.[11]
For some hand-cranked presses, you may need to make your own hopper by cutting the end off of a plastic water bottle.

8.Follow the directions on your press to press the nuts or seeds. As soon as the nuts or seeds are in the press, the fun part starts. If you use an electric press, the press will do the hard work for you. For a hand press, you must slowly turn the crank to feed the seeds into the expeller.[12]
Put a container under the machine to catch the oil as it drips out. A glass jar is a good choice if you use a hand-cranked coffee press.
Seed cake, which is the crushed remains of the seeds you’ve pressed, is also made by your press. You can save the seed cake if you want to use it as chicken feed or waste.

9.Give it 24 hours to settle. After you get the oil out, put it in a jar with a lid and let it sit for 24 hours. Most likely, you will see that your oil is cloudy or has floating bits in it. If you let the oil sit for a day, the impurities will sink to the bottom, so you can pour off the oil on top.[13]
Some electric presses come with filters already built in. If your press separates out seed bits and other impurities, all you have to do is let the oil cool for a few hours before pouring it into another container.

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