Elephant attacking the truck driver (video)

Elephants are majestic, intelligent, social, and large. When threatened or provoked, they can be unpredictable and violent. In India, an elephant attacked a truck driver, emphasising the need to respect and avoid these huge animals.

Odisha, eastern India, was the location. The truck driver discovered a herd of wild elephants while travelling through a jungle. The driver, oblivious of the danger, tried to pass the elephants, causing one to charge the truck. The elephant’s trunk and tusks damaged the truck and hurt the driver.

Social media broadcast footage of the incident. The elephant charges the truck, hits it, and circles it as the driver shouts for aid. After the elephant leaves, locals rescue the driver.

The driver survived the attack, although he was traumatised. Elephants are clever and gregarious, yet if threatened or their habitat is damaged, they can turn hostile. Deforestation, poaching, and encroachment have caused elephant-human conflicts that have killed and injured both sides.

Travelling through forests and respecting wildlife habitats can avert such incidents. Avoid approaching elephants on the road. Local wildlife conservation rules must also be followed.

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