Hippos Save Wildebeest from Crocodile’s Jaws Giapt

Hippos are animals that are very reliable. Even though they are clumsy and slow, they are exceptionally kind and generous.

Crocodiles, which are sometimes called “swamp pigs,” often have to stay away from hippos in order to protect their lives.

Video shows a dramatic capture of a group of wildebeest drinking water from a river when two crocodiles attack.

As a result, one adult antelope was beheaded by a crocodile, while the other bit its leg. The hawks quickly snatched the kill and tried to throw it into the water.

In a situation where there seemed to be no way out, the animals were lucky to see a hippos resting in shallow water.

The hippo was very upset by the hipt and by the antelope’s fear and helplessness, so it spoke up.

They use their big bodies and big moths to roll up to save the animals, scaring away the crocodiles and making them spit out the ‘food’ they tried to put in their moths.

The hippos’ dung makes a “protection” circle around the antelope, making it hard for crocodiles to get to their food.

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