How much it costs for international students to live in the US


Because of its adaptable educational system, exciting campus culture, academic brilliance, cultural diversity, and abundance of job prospects, the United States is a top study abroad destination. Despite its many advantages, studying and living in the United States is a financial burden for students from outside. International students studying in the United States should expect to spend between $10,000 and $18,000 annually ($1,000 and $1,500 monthly).

Everything from lodging to meals to transportation to books to weather-appropriate attire to leisure activities is included here. The cost of living in the United States also includes money spent on necessities like food and clothing. Focusing on international students and their options for higher education in the United States, this article tries to shed light on the many facets of the high expense of living there.

The Typical American’s Monthly Expenditures

The following table was compiled using information from College Board’s Trends in College Price and Student Aid 2021 report. University freshmen can compare annual tuition and other expenses across majors and industries.

Tuition  Fees Room and Board
Public Two-Year In-District $3,800 $9,330
Public Four-Year In-State $10,740 $11,950
Public Four-Year Out-of-State $27,560 $11,950
Private Non-profit Four-Year $38,070 $13,620

Cost of Living by State in the United States

Indian students’ US living costs depend on where they live. Students residing in major cities like New York, Boston, or San Francisco will pay more than those in sub-urban cities like Seattle, Texas, New Orleans, and others. Let’s look at international students’ urban and suburban US cost of living.

New York $3,300
California $4,000
Boston $3,316
San Francisco $4,000

Students wishing to study in any of the aforementioned U.S. cities must also cover the associated living expenses. The cost of living in the United States will be calculated in addition to the chosen course for Indian students. Those pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the United States will incur higher living expenses compared to those pursuing a master’s degree. Expenses to arrive in the United States for a master’s degree will differ by institution but will be lower than for bachelor’s degrees.

Costs of Lodging Accommodation in the U.S.

On-campus stay Private colleges: $1,100 yearlyPublic colleges: $9,800 yearly
Off-campus stay Sharing: $450 per monthOne-bedroom apartment in rural states: $500 per month

One-bedroom apartment in urban states: $3,500 per month

Additional Living Costs in the United States

When studying in the United States, students should be able to cover the following costs. Due to inflation and external factors, annual price increases may range from 6 to 9 percent. According to the report “College Tuition Inflation Rate” by EducationData.Org, the annual rate of inflation in higher education in the United States was 8%. It is recommended to set aside $2,000 for additional living costs in the United States. Additional living expenses in the United States may include the following:

Vacation travel costs between India and the United States
Major purchases such as a computer, furniture, or even a car rental, etc.
Expenses not covered by health insurance, such as dental and vision care and cosmetic procedures.
Additional vacation expenses, including room and board and food, for the summer months you remain in the United States when classes are not in session.
Additional costs, such as off-campus transportation, are incurred.
Amusement, social activities, and weekend excursions.


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