How to Become a Motivational Speaker [Guide]

How to Become a Motivational Speaker:- When you think about motivational speakers, you might picture self-help gurus giving you advice on how to tap into your “inner child” or visualise how you will get to where you want to be in life. Nevertheless, motivational speakers are able to offer presentations and speeches on a wide variety of subjects. What really matters is how passionate you are about the topic you are discussing. Develop your own message, brush up on your public speaking skills, and get the word out about your speaking abilities to become a motivational speaker.


See, hear, and read motivational speakers. Discover which motivational speakers speak to you. As you hear motivating speakers, consider their content and delivery.

  • Watch TED Talks or YouTube inspiring speakers.
  • Read motivational speaker books, articles, and blogs.
  • Motivational podcasts.

List your material suggestions. Explain your speaking message. Focus on what? Career? Relationships? Spirituality? What’s your speciality? Entrepreneurship? Writing? Marriage? Parenting? Religion?

Add to your notes as you think of more ideas.

Find a specific subfield within your chosen subject. Consider what you can offer to the table based on your prior knowledge and experience in this area. When compared to what others are saying, how does what you have to say stand out? What unique insights and perspectives do you bring to the table?

Say you’ve created your own interior design firm with the intention of encouraging others to do the same.

Or perhaps you want to share the knowledge you gained by quickly publishing a book with others.

Enrol in a public speaking course in order to cultivate and enhance your proficiency in this domain. It is advisable to consult the community college in your vicinity or explore the availability of public speaking organisations within your local community for potential membership. Engaging in this activity will afford you an opportunity to cultivate and refine your aptitude in the domain of public speaking. One may potentially avail the opportunity to evaluate and refine their presentations by presenting them to these audiences and soliciting constructive criticism.

One may also consider exploring additional avenues for public speaking engagements, such as volunteering to deliver a speech at a wedding ceremony of a close acquaintance or relative, participating in open mic events held at nearby comedy clubs or bars, or establishing a regular live streaming or podcasting platform.


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