How to maintain your hair healthy

How to maintain your hair healthy:- Is your hair getting frizzy and straw-like? It’s time to act to restore the health of your hair. You may assist your hair return to its naturally stunning nature by starting a fresh hair care routine, deep conditioning your hair, and fueling your body with nutritious vitamins.

  1. Gently handle your hair. Damaged hair must be handled carefully since it is exceedingly brittle. Your hair can split or break if you treat it roughly, and it will appear more frizzy than ever. Take extra precautions when handling your hair starting today, whether it is wet or dry. What you should do is:
    Use your fingers to gently run shampoo and other products into your hair from roots to tips while applying them. Avoid rubbing your hair.
    Use warm water to rinse your hair, not hot.
    Don’t rough dry your hair by wringing it out. Gently squeeze the water out before patting it dry with a soft towel, chamois, or an old T-shirt.

2. Less frequently, shampoo your hair. The natural oils that keep your hair from becoming dry and brittle are washed away when you wash it. If you do it too frequently, your hair can get damaged and frizzy. Reduce the number of times you wash your hair to once or twice a week so that it has time to repair. You should see a difference in the texture of your hair within just a week or so.

Use only as much shampoo as is necessary when doing it. A dime- or quarter-sized portion is acceptable. You shouldn’t have soap running down your hair.
Wash your hair once every other day, ideally once every two days.

Use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.
Use dry shampoo to touch up your roots if they start to look greasy in between washes. It will take longer and longer for your roots to need a touch-up after a few weeks of washing less. Be aware that using dry shampoo excessively can damage and dry out your hair.

3. If at all possible, let it air dry. Assuming your hair is already damaged, you’ve probably heard that using a hair dryer can seriously harm it. Let your hair naturally air dry instead of using a hair dryer. Accept your hair’s natural texture; if you come to appreciate it and don’t change it, it will start to become less dry and frizzy.
Also stay away from hot-tool styling. When using curling and straightening irons, be extremely cautious.
Use the coolest setting on your hair dryer if you do feel the need to use one; often, finer textures require lower temperatures. When finished, use the cool shot to establish the style.

4. Not a brush, but a comb. Plastic-bristled brushes tug your hair violently through the tangles, producing rips and breaks as they do so. The best tool for delicately detangling hair without harming it is a wide-tooth comb. Starting at the tips of your hair, work your way up a few inches at a time until all of the tangles are gone.

5. Stop using procedures that harm your hair. Healthy hair is inimical to colouring, bleaching, perming, and chemical straightening. It is advised to quit trying to permanently alter your hair’s colour or texture because there is no healthy way to do so.
Try a light henna or tea dye to brighten or deepen your colour if you really want to dye your hair.
Using non-heated techniques to straighten and curl your hair is OK.



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