How to make a website without any coding skills

How to make a website without any coding skills:- In order to establish credibility, it is imperative for all businesses and enterprises to possess a well-designed website. In truth, a poorly designed website is more detrimental than the absence of a website.

The issue at hand is that a significant portion of individuals lack the financial resources necessary to engage the services of a highly skilled and reputable web designer. However, it is feasible to design and develop a visually appealing and functionally efficient website, even in the absence of technical expertise.

Find the best Hosting Provider

Prior to commencing the design process, it is imperative to select a suitable web hosting service. The provided solution will effectively manage and preserve the constituent files comprising your website, ensuring their continuous accessibility on the internet.

While conducting research on various alternatives, it is advisable to seek out possibilities that encompass additional features or benefits that may be challenging to obtain alone. An SSL certificate, which ensures the security of websites for browsing and conducting business, is an essential element that is highly recommended.

Additionally, it is desirable to select a hosting provider that offers seamless domain name acquisition and simplified installation of a content management system. WordPress is widely recognised as a prominent platform, commanding a substantial market share of over 35% in terms of global website usage. Moreover, it is renowned for its user-friendly interface and accessibility.

Use an editor

The acronym WYSIWYG, which stands for “What you see is what you get,” pertains to software utilised for editing purposes that facilitates the manipulation of website components through a drag-and-drop interface. The involvement of HTML coding is not required from the user’s perspective, however it is still implemented on the backend.

When utilising platforms such as WordPress or Wix, users will have access to an extensive array of templates to choose from. One can easily tailor their preferred option to align with the specific requirements of their website. Additional widely used WYSIWYG editors encompass Adobe Dreamweaver, Amaya, and Microsoft Expression.

Website Builder (Provided by Google Business)

Google offers a platform that enables users to create a simple, single-page website with a primary emphasis on facilitating consumer communication and contact. This website is accessible to organisations who possess a Google My Business account, which is provided at no cost. It enables users to select a template that effectively presents information from their GMB listing in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

This website is designed to seamlessly interact with Google Maps, facilitating the process for clients to locate your establishment. Additionally, it has sections where you may input additional URL addresses that may redirect users to your booking platform, product listing, or other pertinent websites. A maximum of nine photographs can be included, however, it is important to carefully select the order of upload as it is not possible to rearrange them afterwards.

Upon publication of your website, Google will allocate a URL that incorporates the name of your firm, followed by the domain extension “”. In order to obtain a domain that only bears the name of your business, it will be necessary to make a financial payment.
There are no negative consequences associated with initiating your online presence by creating a website with Google My Business. However, it is possible that one may outgrow the first website design rapidly, in which case it would be advisable to consider creating a more intricate website by utilising the guidance provided below.


During the course of your journey, it is highly likely that you will encounter several inquiries. The process of web design entails a significant level of technical expertise. Despite the availability of numerous user-friendly tools that facilitate the creation of websites by those with limited experience, the task of transforming one’s envisioned website into an actuality can still present difficulties.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of online tutorials available to provide guidance and instruction for many tasks and activities. Identify a YouTuber specialising in the field of technology whom you find appealing, and dedicate a substantial amount of time to self-education both before to, during, and subsequent to your engagement with web design. Ultimately, it is highly probable that you will aspire to expand the scope and scale of your website over time.

Website Optimization

In addition to the necessity of having a website, it is imperative to ensure that it is readily accessible to one’s consumers or followers. Ensuring optimal search engine rankings constitutes a significant aspect of this endeavour. The objective is to attain a first-page ranking in search results for the specific niche that your website represents, as research indicates that around 75% of individuals do not proceed beyond the initial page.

The SEO process encompasses various factors, hence it is advisable to utilise educational resources such as YouTube to acquire comprehensive knowledge on the subject matter.

However, search engine optimisation (SEO) encompasses factors beyond the utilisation of keywords. It is imperative to consistently update your website with material of superior quality and prioritise optimising your page load speed, as Google is sensitive to poor loading times, which can result in a decline in your page ranking. It is advisable to incorporate outbound links within your text and contemplate the inclusion of supplementary multimedia elements.

Optimize for Mobile

Despite the fact that the website design process will be conducted on a laptop, it is important to consider that the majority of website visitors will engage with the site on a mobile device. If a website lacks mobile-friendly features, it cannot be considered truly successful. Many designers offer the feature of previewing the appearance and functionality of a webpage on mobile devices in real-time. It is advisable to frequently utilise this option during the design process.

After the launch of your website, proceed to access it using a mobile device. It is recommended to ensure that each hyperlink is followed and every desired action is executed by the visitors. There can be significant disparities in visual appearance between PC and mobile screens.

The field of web design and development is a formidable and intricate endeavour. However, recent advancements in technology have enabled individuals to achieve tasks without requiring substantial prior expertise. An advantageous aspect is that despite commencing without any prior expertise, one will acquire a substantial amount by the time the website is launched. However, it is important to note that one may never truly reach a state of completion. Websites possess a dynamic nature and necessitate ongoing enhancements and updates.

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