Poor Puppy Sad And Cried In Desperation When Abandoned On The Bridge

Poor Puppy Sad And Cried In Desperation When Abandoned On The Bridge.
My dash cam caught it by accident.
The puppy screams for help!
They tied him up on the highway and left.
A series of cars passed continuously but not a single one stopped.
They see the poor puppy but they don’t want to…
To take him home to care.
Or simply free him from the chains
That forces his life to death!
The leash is so tight that the puppy can’t get out.
He was scared, sat shaking on the railing and cried.
The puppy is only about a month old
Why is he here?
He was abandoned…
The people who mercilessly abandoned him
They don’t deserve to exist in this world.
God will punish them.
They are heartless and inhuman
And they will have to receive retribution
For the pain they caused this poor puppy!
Puppies are bathed and cleaned of dust
And the pain of the past!
He is stable and healthy.
After being vaccinated and supplemented with necessary vitamins,
Now Lancy is ready for the new journey of her life.
There will be difficulties but we will always be by his side.
Lucy always wants to be loved
And will always love everyone who loves him!
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