The brave man reused the cobra with his bare hand (video)

In a heartbreaking occurrence that occurred in the Indian state of Kerala, a man bravely and compassionately saved a cobra snake with just his bare hands. The incident, which was photographed, has gained worldwide admiration for the man’s bravery after going viral on social media.

In Kerala, where the incident occurred, a guy saw a cobra snake caught in a fishing net. The adjacent neighbours were made aware of the snake’s struggle by its hissing and writhing. The professional rescuer and snake aficionado sprung into action right once, donning gloves and going up to the snake.

The man showed great composure and expertise, delicately catching the snake by its head and tail and releasing it from the net despite the threat posed by the poisonous snake. The snake, plainly angry, tried to strike at the man, but the man held it firmly yet gently, preventing it from doing so.

After making sure it wouldn’t endanger the villagers, the man returned the snake to the wild outside of the village. The incident was captured on camera and posted on social media, where it soon gained popularity and the man received compliments for his courage and kindness.

The experience serves as a reminder of the value of treating all creatures with care and respect, regardless of whether they pose a threat. Particularly snakes are frequently misunderstood and feared, which results in instances of needless persecution. But as this incident shows, snakes are a crucial component of the ecosystem and are crucial for managing rodent populations and preserving the ecological balance.

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