The cheapest places to study abroad


When deciding to study abroad, it’s important to check how much money you’ll need. International students tend to go to the countries that are the least expensive. So many different countries have programmes with low education costs. Some well-known countries, like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc., have universities that are ranked among the best in the world by respected ranking sources, like Times Higher Education, US News, QS World University Rankings, etc.

The education fee and the cost of living in the country determine if the school is affordable. So many top universities in popular countries outside of the U.S. offer high-quality education at lower prices to foreign students. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the programme’s tuition fee and how much it costs to live in some of the world’s most popular countries.

Tuition Fees

Students want to study abroad but don’t want to pay a lot for education. The programme costs different amounts at different universities, in different places, and for different programmes. Students at universities abroad can finish their degrees on a tight budget by getting grants. Below, we list the average cost of tuition for the first year of learning in that country for students who want to study abroad.

Canada 26.78 Lakh 11.50 Lakh 22.36 Lakh
UK 20.82 Lakh 20.52 Lakh 18.72 Lakh
Australia 21.97 Lakh 22.56 Lakh 21.49 Lakh
New Zealand 23.79 Lakh 20.14 Lakh 17.05 Lakh
Singapore 26.11 Lakh 22.33 Lakh 15.44 Lakh
Germany 13.14 Lakh 79.05K 1.04 Lakh
France 20.95 Lakh 7.94 Lakh 6.61 Lakh
Netherlands 23.63 Lakh 14.13 Lakh 8.70 Lakh
Ireland 12.32 Lakh 11.86 Lakh 10.98 Lakh
Sweden NA 11.49 Lakh 9.64 Lakh

Cost of living

On average, students need between $10,000 and $12,000 a year to cover their living costs. Students living costs depend on where they choose to study abroad. So many students worry a lot about how much it costs to live.

If a student chooses to live in a big city, he will spend more money than if he chooses to live in a hotel or the suburbs. Most of the time, living costs include the cost of a room or hostel, food, travel, study materials, clothes, and activities. Taking all of these things into account, we’ve listed below the average cost of living for students who want to travel abroad.

USA 8.78 Lakh
Canada 6.22 Lakh
UK 5.92 Lakh
Australia 6.50 Lakh
New Zealand 5.47 Lakh
Singapore 3.62 Lakh
Germany 3.77 Lakh
France 3.77 Lakh
Netherlands 4.39 Lakh
Ireland NA
Sweden 3.33 Lakh


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