What this stray dog suffered is beyond imagination!!!

We named her Rea .
●She survived 3 days in the water in an irrigation canal . No rest , no sleep, no food .
●She survived by shots.
●She survived by a hit , as she had a broken pelvis .
●She survived by million of maggots eating her flesh
She survived!!!!
She stayed under our care for months under lots of treatments, she was also positive in Mediterranean disease.
For each one of our rescued animal our goal is an adoption..For Rea , having so many issues we thought that this wouldn’t be easy and then Sarah Bagsaw came in …
Rea today is adopted, happy and in very good health . We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped her find happiness ,(Hayley, G.A.R., Andrew ) but most of all Sarah who believed in her since the first moment she saw her .
Rea is a great dog and she so deserved a good life … We couldn’t be happier for her .

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